Vendor Compliance

Achieving vendor participation in B2B integration initiatives is an ongoing challenge for retailers and thier vendors. Many successful organizations are using integration programs not only to drive compliance, but also to establish collaborative partnerships that benefit all trading partners.

Supply Chain Integration

Sonical Logistics’s programs help you gain greater integration with trading partners—whether you want to onboard new retailers/vendors, add EDI transactions or support new fulfillment models.

Vendor Scorecarding

Many retailers score their Vendors to make decisions as to how and when they may or may not expand their business with you.  Our partners rely on this to expand their business with their Customers. We can help you manage vendor performance with solid metrics and key performance indicators.

Ease of Use

Sonical Logistics is easy to integrate into your existing business process. The services we offer can be accessed via an on-line WebForm. The application programming interface (API) allows data to flow in and out of supplier’s applications while hiding the complexity associated with the retailer’s maps, XML or other transaction sets. So, users simply focus on their own operational systems without having to become trading partner integration experts. and we are already comfortable with most of the popular EDI applications being used by major Retailers and their Vendors. We do this everyday and we do it real well.

You can trust Sonical Logistics to get the job done correctly and on time.